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Helping out a member of the Ramily

A request.

I often get requests to ask TST to help launch some kind of campaign.

To start a group advocating for a certain uniform combination or to help buy tickets and airfare for this person or to help someone meet their favorite Ram. They’re fine ideas and in spirit I support them all, but I don’t want TST to become a site dedicating solely to advocating for welfare of varying degrees throughout the Ramily.

But this is different.

One of our friends over at Rams Talk, Dom Somera, is in a bind. After suffering from a neck injury during a housefire, Dom struggles to complete basic functions like taking a shower or brushing his teeth due to the pain.

So we set up a Gofundme to help him seek medical treatment from a team at the University of Washington.

You can read more about Dom’s story and donate here

This isn’t an ask. It’s far from an expectation.

It’s just a request.

If you can. If you’re willing. This is one of those times when you should.