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Random Ramsdom 7/4: happy 4th, Ramily!

LA Rams fans don’t take days off, right? Here are some pre-BBQ links because America!

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Rams star CB names WRs that are tough to cover | Rams Wire

CB Aqib Talib went on ESPN and answered some tough questions about his peers in the NFL. I’d assume that most players like to stay away from bulletin board fodder like this, but Talib did not shy away. He named the toughest WR to stick to (retired and current) and some questions about QBs. Definitely worth a click.

Brothers united in LA | Rams official site

Star WR Cooper Kupp is very excited to have his brother, LB Ketner Kupp, on the 90-man roster. Sounds like the 22-year-old younger brother has been taking advantage of Cooper’s generosity — eating his food, sleeping on his couch, and not babysitting his baby.

MYTHBUSTERS: do the Rams have enough to help Donald? | Touchdown Wire

Andy Benoit of Sports Illustrated goes deep on the idea that the Los Angeles Rams aren’t doing enough to unlock DE Aaron Donald’s true potential. I mean, he’s giving the credit to Donald and not the Rams. That’s fair, I guess. Harsh, but fair.

3 trade Washington Redskins targets for the LA Rams | Ramblin Fan

This article is so specific that it’s actually quite haunting. Summer is the worst.