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Random Ramsdom 7/31: LA Rams glamping in Irvine as plots emerge

Goff is strong, Clay out prove himself, and Saints fans stay sainting.

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Los Angeles Rams Training Camp Photo by Keith Birmingham/MediaNews Group/Pasadena Star-News via Getty Images

Judge dismissed plaintiffs in Saints lawsuit I ESPN

...and they are free to resume squirting water out of flowers, honking horns at each other, and squeezing into overcrowded little cars. Barnum Bailey rejoices. Score one for sanity.

Sean McVay has a growth mindset, and that’s good. | NESN

Sean McVay does not make excuses. He has a growth mindset and plans to learn from his shortcomings, even a Super Bowl loss. One way to create culture is to lead by example, hopefully the entire team employs the same approach as their leader.

Old vet Clay, starting over, ready to prove himself again. I Sporting News

Clay Matthews is back on his home turf and enjoying a chance to show his new team what he can do.

Ethan Westbrooks tattoos are heading to Oakland (and maybe Vegas) I PFT

Ethan Westbrooks has been a Rams rotational guy on the defensive line since 2014 when he outplayed Michael Sam in a competitive preseason roster battle. Now, with the emergence of Jonathan Franklin Myers on the Rams defensive line, Westbrooks has found a spot on the Oakland Raiders. Westbrooks was actually born in Oakland, so it’ll be a bit of a homecoming for him before the team loads up the UHAULs for their move to Nevada after this season. Best of luck to Ethan.

Goff finding some man strength I Rams Wire

Jared Goff would never be mistaken for Paul Bunyan. His noodly stature may be one of the reasons that he’s often slept on, especially when compared to guys like Cam Newton and Carson Wentz. But that may be a thing of the past, because Goff is back, and Goff is stronger. Apparently his throws have become more effortless as his strength has increased.

Steven Jackson retires as a Ram I The Rams Official Site

The Rams all-time leading rusher will retire with the team, after concluding his career with stints in Atlanta and New England. It’s nice to see the ways that the Rams organization has been conducting business over the last couple years. Well played!