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Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff releases his JG16 clothing line

The system QB is ready for his branding moment!

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Let’s say that you’re a huge fan of Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff fan.

Good for you. You have seen the light.

Good news. The official store for your favorite system QB’s personal clothing line, dubbed “JG16,” is now officially open. Huge relief in these troubling times, I must say.

This has been quite the offseason for the personal marketing team of our young franchise quarterback. Earlier this summer, Goff was featured in a strange “Core Temp” campaign with Banana Republic. And now his initials and his number have been branded.

This is nothing new for quarterbacks. New England Patriots QB Tom Brady has been hocking his TB12 method as a lifestyle brand for years. Kansas City Chiefs QB and 2019 MVP Patrick Mahomes has his site up. And I don’t know what’s going on here, but if you search for it on Google there’s some kind of brand website for Denver Broncos QB Joe Flacco that just redirects you to ESPN. Dark web, indeed.

The question in this scenario is more along the lines of exposure. Is Jared Goff ready to be build a brand? Maybe that answer is “yes” because he plays in Los Angeles, but I can’t imagine too many casual fans dropping 30 dollars JG16 shirts and hats.

There has been a lot of Jared Goff slander on the internet since the end of Super Bowl LIII. The man was listed at 32 overall in the 2019 NFL Top 100, but some still hesitate to rank Goff very highly. Former Rams QB Kurt Warner today excluded Goff from his top 10 QBs over at

But back to the new logo. What's interesting is that Goff’s store leans heavily on the yellow and blue aesthetic rather than the current official colors or blue and white. On mostly all of his products, the Goff logo is white, blue, and yellow. It’s also a happy coincidence that his initials and his number seamlessly connect into a logo that doesn’t seem like a stretch. It’s natural and easy to read. #JG16 is for real.

Jared took to Instagram to announce his new brand being available at his store, telling fans to “rep up” and even had the support of RB Todd Gurley and WR Robert Woods in a video. Goff also teased that a TG30 collaboration could be in the works.

Poking around the store, Rams fans will see a familiar face as former Rams WR Nelson Spruce is now apparently exploring a modeling career.

So, as the busy offseason for Goff comes to a close, he seems to have accomplished his goal of going into the season with a brand. The dude is so LA now.

Goff is poised for a strong season with the Rams to erase any doubt that he belongs among the NFL’s best at the position.

If nothing else, he’s going to look good doing it.