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Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson dishes on Los Angeles Rams training camp, pegs backup running backs to get 35% of carries

Some interesting nuggets out of camp.

Los Angeles Rams RB Darrell Henderson runs downfield during the second day of training Camp, Jul. 28, 2019.
Los Angeles Rams RB Darrell Henderson runs downfield during the second day of training Camp, Jul. 28, 2019.
Photo by Josh Lefkowitz/Getty Images

Yahoo! Sports’ Charles Robinson was in attendance at the Los Angeles Rams’ training camp yesterday and dropped a phenomenal thread on Twitter today, but I know not everyone’s on Twitter so I figured I’d put it here.

I’ve compiled the thread as a single quote, but if you’re on Twitter (and believe me, I am not suggesting you should be) give him a follow @CharlesRobinson.

1. #Rams QB Jared Goff continues to get stronger physically. Sean McVay says he’s more twitchy in his upper body and flicking passes that used to require a tiny windup. Mentally? Sounds like Goff is *there*. As in, he knows the offense to the point of adding his own stamps to it.

2. #Rams feel good about Todd Gurley + RB depth. I’d wager Malcolm Brown & Darrell Henderson combine for 35% (or more) of RB snaps. Henderson is very interesting. Plan is for him to be a Chris Thompson type. Thompson’s 2016 #Redskins film under McVay was a flexible mismatch role.

3. Even more than past seasons, #Rams should be able to throw the living hell out of it. If the offensive line can mesh, don’t undersell the continuity at the WR/TE positions. I think RB depth will factor in passing game, too. Health permitting, I buy Goff having a monster year.

4. #Rams defense will benefit from adding vocal leaders in S Eric Weddle and LB Clay Matthews. But also by subtracting DT Ndamukong Suh. I doubt Rams will say it publicly, but Suh was very difficult for former DL coach Bill Johnson to handle. Frankly, Suh was a poor culture fit.

5. Speaking of the defensive line, #Rams are extremely high on adding Eric Henderson as the new DL coach. But the DL shakeup makes me curious to see where things go long-term with Wade Phillips at D coordinator. Seeing confidant Bill Johnson go had to be tough business for Wade.

6. #Rams like what they’ve seen from 5th round pick David Edwards from Wisconsin. They feel like he could very capably give them good backup depth along the offensive line if he continues the path he’s on. He might be a future starter with a year or two of position-specific work.

7. Another late-rounder making noise for the #Rams? NT Sebastian Joseph-Day. He went from developmental 6th round pick out of Rutgers in 2018 to the guy who could fill the Ndamukong Suh void this season. Like David Edwards, another late pick panning out in the depth department.

A ton there of interest (the Suh “fit” stands out as something I’d love more explanation on...), but that 35% figure stands out.

Under McVay, running backs have averaged 362.5 carries per season (354 in 2017, 371 last year). So 35% of that would be just under 127 carries for Henderson and Brown leaving 235 for JTG.

In any case, good stuff from Robinson.