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Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff lands at #32 on 2019 NFL Top 100

The System QB makes it inside the top 35 for the first time in his career.

The fourth member of the Los Angeles Rams to land on the NFL Top 100 has landed.

QB Jared Goff, everyone’s favorite System QB, was ranked #32 this year:

Goff is the fourth Ram to make the 2019 list:

  • S Eric Weddle: ranked #100
  • LT Andrew Whitworth: ranked #91
  • WR Robert Woods: ranked #76

It’s a deserved uptick from last year when he was ranked 38th:

The 2018 season was a fantastic one for Goff. Long in the MVP mix, Goff threw for 4,688 passing yards (the 40th highest total in any single season in NFL history) while throwing for just 12 interceptions. Bear in mind that in former St. Louis Rams QB Kurt Warner’s top season in 2001, he threw for 4,830 passing yards but added 22 interceptions. That Warner’s historic 2001 included just four more touchdowns from his 36 to Goff’s 32 last year, and you can understand why many (including yours truly) are so high on Goff’s trajectory.

Coming out of his second year, Goff had two main thresholds to cross. He had yet to take over a game late in the waning moments for a win, and he was just 0-1 in the postseason lacking a playoff win.

He crossed both of those off.

While many outside observers slight his capabilities, the bottom line is that Goff’s production and the wins he’s led his team to outshine many of his more seasoned peers. If that continues, there’s not going to be any argument about Goff being one of the best quarterbacks, and perhaps one of the best football players, in the NFL.