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2019 Los Angeles Rams training camp July 28 practice live updates thread

The spiky euphoria of Day 1 has come and gone. Todd Gurley and Cooper Kupp can still play football. Now what?

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff approaches fans at training camp in UC Irvine, Jul. 29, 2018.
Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff approaches fans at training camp in UC Irvine, Jul. 29, 2018.
Hiro Ueno, Los Angeles Rams

July 28

Practice begins at 4:00pm PT
Autographs: Quarterbacks, Tight Ends

2019 training camp previews

One in the books. And an important one, symbolically.

The Los Angeles Rams docked Day 1 without any injury news while getting RB Todd Gurley and WR Cooper Kupp back on the field.

Now, it’s time to dispose of the pleasantries and get to work.


Nothing from yesterday. Good job, errbody!

However, the Kansas City Chiefs’ Head Trainer did tweet this yesterday AM:

Might wanna tighten up the next two days as the players re-acclimate their bodies to football.


We can start settling in a bit more into the rigor of training camp. The sheen of novelty is gone. Work has to get done.

Let’s see now that we’ve washed off the layer of spectacle off what awaits today.


Does DL Aaron Donald need to be out there?

I’m serious.

What’s to be gained from him doing training camp work?

Donald missed the last two camps holding out for a new contract. He got that contract, duly deserved. But the last two seasons, he played spectacularly. What is there to gain from him working in drills, having him go against the Rams’ interior linemen? Or more specifically, how does what is there to gain balance up against what the risk is?

I wouldn’t have a single gripe were Donald to just split time today with fan activations and then work the sidelines.

The last two years proved Aaron Donald doesn’t need training camp.

As a Rams fan, I wish training camp didn’t need Aaron Donald.

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