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LA Rams transcripts: WR Robert Woods, LT Andrew Whitworth, P Johnny Hekker, and CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

After a short offseason, these men are ready to get back to work

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-Los Angeles Rams Press Conference Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

Rams WR Robert Woods – Media Availability – July 26, 2019

(On a shorter offseason after making the Super Bowl)

“It seemed short but that’s how you want it. You want to make the long season, make the Super Bowl. It was well worth it.”

(On what he wants to improve going into this season)

“Really just looking at my film last year and seeing what I did, my biggest thing I want to add to my game is keep attacking the ball, keep running, but be more dangerous with the ball in my hands. Make bigger plays, be able to have a lot more YAC (yards after catch) even more than I did last year. Just make some more exciting plays.”

(On his comfort with QB Jared Goff)

“It makes it really easy. Just going out there and working, practicing and in games. I know where the ball is going to be every single time. It’s in a catchable spot, it’s in a position where I’m able to run and not think about slowing down to make the catch. He just makes it easier for me to do my job, to make big plays. He always has a nice touch on the ball and anticipates where we’re going to be. He makes this offense run.”

(On what they need to do as a team to make sure last year is in the past)

“It is. It’s already a new season. We have new players – some good players. We have (LB) Clay Matthews and (S) Eric Weddle. I think that alone is a new team – just going out there and making plays. It’s a whole new season – like I was saying – so, we just have to forget it and move on.”

(On the continuity at the skill positions on offense)

“Just makes us go. I think training and OTAs is kind of like spring ball and seven-on-seven ball. Just getting our rhythm down with our running backs in the passing game, our receivers in the passing game and really just keeping that rhythm like you said. The continuity of the receivers and tight ends making key plays and doing it for three years now. That should be our flow. Our passing game should be like bread and butter – pretty smooth.”

(On focusing during training camp and not looking too far ahead)

“You have to have a joy in improving and getting better each and every day when you go out on the field, in the weight room and the training room. Improving your game and knowing that it is long term. You have to think that what you’re doing right now is for the Super Bowl. What you’re doing right now is for your long-term goals.”

Rams P Johnny Hekker – Media Availability – July 26, 2019

(On Head Coach Sean McVay receiving a contract extension)

“Well deserved. I’ve never played for a coach that’s such a concise communicator and means what hesays and says what he means. He’s a guy that has led this team with a vision from day one and for this organization to be behind him and really show their good faith in him with the extension means a lot.He’s earned it. He works tirelessly, puts in long hours, talks to everyone he can and really makes everybody that’s part of this organization feel like they’re a key part to contributing to all our of success.I’m very happy for him and I couldn’t be more excited.”

(On if he can summarize what it’s been like to become so successful in the last two seasons)

“It’s crazy how much it seems like an overnight change, but it’s really been a culmination of a lot of people that have been working behind the scenes. There has been a lot of turnover as far as (Head)Coach (Sean) McVay coming on and kind of a new figurehead for the organization, but there have been a lot of people that have been around for a long time like the video staff and media people, where that continuity – mixed with the new blood – and a new mindset and identity has really fueled our progression as a team. To see where we are now from where we have been in the past is really a special thing.”

(On if he’s content with his role on the team)

“I couldn’t be happier. As long as we’re winning I’m not too upset.”

(On being more of a holder than a punter)

“I love that role. I’m excited to contribute to this team in whatever way I can. If I see the field zero times as a punter, I’m happy with that because it means we’re scoring touchdowns, kicking field goals and PATs. That’s going to be a key indicator of our success, so the more I’m out there holding the better it is for our team.”

(On if this training camp feels different following success last season)

“Not really. I think every training camp presents its own unique situations and mindset you have to have coming into it, but I think this one is no different from any other in just that we’re all back at ground zero. Last year’s homeruns don’t count for today’s games. Yesterday’s homeruns don’t count for today’sgames. Last year’s wins don’t mean anything right now. Every team is zero-and-zero and we’re all looking to build and come together and create our own identity because this team is different from lastyear’s team in terms of personnel. We have to just mesh as a unit, players and brothers and just grind towards Week 1 at Carolina.”

Rams T Andrew Whitworth– Media Availability – July 26, 2019

(On reporting to his 13th career training camp)

“You know what, I think they all kind of have their own unique feel and this year I’m just excited for the opportunity and feel blessed just to be here. It’s always a lot of fun. The kids are getting older and they remember these things more. To get to check in and have them come in and get me situated in my room and all that has made it special. “

(On his take on the day to day grind from July to February and his appreciation of the process)

“It’s no easy task, I mean it’s a journey. Every year, it’s like climbing that mountain. I remember when I was in college, Nick Saban used to always made a reference about being on a journey, climbing to plant your flag at the top at the end of the year and the things that come along with being on that journey. There’s going to be ups and downs, bad moments, all the things that happen to you on those kinds of journeys. I think you have to be mentally prepared that, that’s what you’re about to go through the ups and downs and how you’re going to handle them. How you’re going to daily try to get better? I think this team is excited about that and I think the culture, and really the things we have here that have always been the utmost importance of the things that we feel good about taking us through that journey.”

(On this being possibly his last training camp)

“I’ve been thinking that way for about nine years, it’s like repeat. My poor wife, it’s taken her through the ringer over the years how many times she thinks that’s it. You know what, I’m always approaching it that way. I’m just somebody that I kind of live life that way, every moment, everything I do. If this is the last time, how do I want to be remembered? How do I want to approach it? I think that to me is very important. It’s something that to me, really gives you really that balance and that stability to realize, ‘Hey don’t ever take anything for granted.’ Every opportunity for you is an opportunity for you to be at your best. I look forward to it and I think that all of us feel that way.”

(On his role for the upcoming season and change on the offensive line)

“I think it’s important anytime you have change, whether it be players, coaches, everything, is that you don’t get caught up too much in what you need to change as much as what you need to do to do your job. I think for myself and the others that are in there and have been in there, it’s about going back and doing our job and doing it well. Then in the times when you’re not on the field, really being there to be open to listen and talk them to talk, ‘Hey, are you struggling with this or is this something you’re concerned about?’ Just encouraging them to go out and play to the best of their ability and be able to perform the way they need to be able to perform, for us to play well to have success. First and foremost, each one of us has got to go out and execute as well. You don’t need to do extra, you don’t need to something different than what you’ve done. You just need to be yourself and just encourage them to find a way to find their best self and how they can play best and go out and execute it.”

(On his experience and whether he’s still playing at his highest level)

“Yeah, I feel good. I’ve heard those comments, I’ve heard people saying that. I think for me, everything drives me crazy, every little mistake, every little thing. So, it’s hard for me to really look at the big picture sometimes, maybe when I’m done playing a little more. You know what? I’m excited to be here. I think it’s one of the reasons that I love the game of golf and I’m addicted to it as well. Every little mistake, every little moment adds up. I think that sometimes carries over in to my football play as I worry about every little, tiny thing. It’s helped me to be a good player. It’s helped to me to take care of the little, tiny things that sometimes you take for granted or you don’t focus on. I try to keep it a part of my game to be successful.”

Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman – Media Availability – July 26, 2019

(On his offseason)

“It was a great offseason, I had a lot of time to relax and get my feet up underneath me, do some training. So, now I’m ready to go. Excited to start with the team and I’m ready to make another run.”

(On the contract extensions of Head Coach Sean McVay and General Manager Les Snead)

“First off, I just to say congratulations to my Coach Sean McVay, my head coach and my general manager Les Snead. Job well deserved by those guys. I know they are going to do a great job with this program, with this organization. So, I’m really happy for the fact that they got extensions on their contract. This is just another year just trying to continue where we left off at from last season. Just coming into this season with a bang and get some momentum started. But right now, we’re going to take it one step at time, use what we got and keep building every day. “

(On continuity in the secondary and their focus this training camp)

“We’re just going to continue to do what we do as DBs. (Cornerbacks) Coach Aubrey Pleasant, (Safeties Coach Ejiro Evero) ‘Coach E’ they’re going to do a great job on the backend with us. Having a great addition, like (S) Eric Weddle, we got ‘JJ’ (S John Johnston III) in the backend, having guys like that, they’re going to definitely live up to the expectations. We got (CB) Aqib (Talib), and we got (CB Marcus) Peters, so pretty much got the same secondary as last year. So, it’s going to be a good rhythm being back there, especially with Eric, he’s very smart, like a genius, like a quarterback in the backfield for us on defense. We’re confident. We’re swagged out, ready to go.”

(On S Eric Weddle and any examples of how he’s like an extension of the coaching staff on the field)

“Eric, for instance, I end up doing his responsibility one day and he ended up doing mine. He knows how to put linebackers in the right position. He knows how to put the D-line in the right positions to essentially make the whole defense work way better. He knows how to give different looks to quarterbacks. That’s what makes him so cool, the fact that he (doesn’t mind) being interchangeable. He’s on my man. He’s very interchangeable.”

(On handling talk of the Super Bowl coming into this season)

“Yeah, there was a lot of talk this summer. It was the last game of the season, so it’s natural. It was just more motivation, it just actually lets you know how big this game is and how important it is for people to win. I guess that’s the main focus coming into this year, just winning, week-in and week-out, being consistent, not doing too much. Not overly doing anything, just coming out there in our rhythm, controlling our game and controlling our tempo.”