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LA Rams transcripts: Jared Goff, Darrell Henderson, David Long Jr., Greg Gaines, & Dakota Allen

Back to work, fellas!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Training Camp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams QB Jared Goff – Media Availability – July 24, 2019

(On his summer)

“It was good. I had some good time off. Some good down time. I was able to go home for a little bit and rest up and train a little bit. I feel good.”

(On how this training camp feels different)

“Yeah, I feel like I’m getting old. Fourth year – it seems like it’s flown by. But yeah, excited for it. Excited to get back with a similar group of guys and get back to work.”

(On if not staying in the UCI dorms and a different travel schedule feels different)

“Yeah, it’s nice here. It’s been good. I’ve only been here for a few hours but the setup is really nice and it seems like it’s going to work just fine.”

(On if there’s something different coming into camp with three seasons under his belt)

“Just more comfortable, yeah. You just continue to get more comfortable and confident and feel good about everything. As time goes on, it just continues to build. Right now, I feel good with where I’m at and I feel good with where our team is at.”

(On the significance of continuity within the skill positions)

“It’s huge. Especially with myself and the receivers, running backs and tight ends. Just having that continued chemistry and everything we’ve been working on, not only in the last couple of years, but this offseason off the field, just getting together as much as possible and feeling good. When you can have that similar group coming back, it’s good.”

(On if there has been movement on a contract extension)

“Nothing’s changed. Just the same spot.”

(On his attitude toward a contract extension)

“Time will take care of it. Just go out and play.”

(On if he pays attention to rankings)

“No. I mean, the Madden ratings you kind of see. Those are fun because you play Madden, but that’s about it.”

(On if he feels his ranking is fair)

“You always feel slighted a little bit. They have a job to do, but hopefully mine will go up as with everyone else on our team.”

(On if he uses that as motivation)

“No. I’m referring to the Madden ratings because those are fun to look at, but any other rankings are – I don’t put any value in.”

(On what kind of emotion he feels starting training camp and having the ability to put everything behind him)

“Yeah, it’s good. I think just continuing to move in the right direction and move forward. We feel good about who we have and where we are at. I’m sure (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) feels the same way and we’re excited to get going. I think every year is different, every team is different, but we know we have a good group and a chance to do good things. But, it starts one day at a time and it will start, I believe our first day is in two days with everyone, and that’s when it will truly start.”

(On having any concern with a Super Bowl hangover)

“No. I think we’re good. I wouldn’t know because I’ve never been to one before this year, but I think we will be just fine.”

(On if there is anything in particular he wants to work on or try to improve)

“Same stuff I’ve always worked on. Can you get the ball to a receiver’s hands? Distribute, keep all those receivers happy and have fun.”

(On how he spent the last month since minicamp broke and if he played or got together with any of his teammates to throw)

“Yeah, we threw. We threw quite a bit, a handful of times in the last month or so and I feel good. I feel really good, everyone looks healthy and ready to go.”

(On if he mixed anything fun in during his break)

“I didn’t. I should have done something. I may do something here at training camp, but guys were traveling around, I didn’t have a chance to.”

(On how excited he is to get WR Cooper Kupp back)

“Very excited. I think (Head Coach) Sean (McVay) can talk further on where he’s at physically, but to me he looks really, really good. I’ve thrown with him a few times in the last month and looks strong, looks fast, looks physical. I know he’s ready to go, ready to start fresh and get this thing going.”

(On things he will do differently this time around for camp for his fourth training camp and if he thinks he can be more efficient)

“Yeah, I think you learn different ways to use your time and the best ways. Being in the hotel will be different for me. I have to learn when meetings are and when you can get those little extra minutes, and hours, and all the extra time you need. But I’m sure as time will go on I will figure that out.”

Rams RB Darrell Henderson Jr. – Media Availability – July 24, 2019

(On how much of the offense he picked during the offseason program and having the offseason to study the playbook)

“I picked up on it pretty good. You just got to stay in the offense and stay in your playbook. There’s always going to be some kinks and twists, so you just got to always be prepared for everything. ”

(On if he was able to show everything he can do through OTAs or if there is more that he can show the coaches)

“It’s just all about being in the right position. Whatever they ask me to do, I’m going to do it and do it 100 percent. I’m going to do my role and do my one-of-11 (role on the field). Whatever my call is.”

(On if RB Todd Gurley gave him advice on how to handle his first training camp)

“He just told me don’t be afraid to mess up and if you mess up, you can learn from it.”

Rams CB David Long Jr. – Training Camp – July 24, 2019

(On what it’s like to be playing back home in Southern California)

“It’s good to finally be in front of a home crowd. I went away for college, so I was never really in familiar territory. But, just being here, I trained down here for the combine and I’m really familiar with the area. So just to be here, I always say it’s important to be comfortable in a learning curve like this. I’m trying to do better. I’m trying to be the best that I can be. So just being comfortable in my environment is really important.”

(On what he’s learned so far from CB Marcus Peters and CB Aqib Talib)

“Just how those guys work and their mindset about things. And just the mental aspect of being a corner. Not so much the physical tools, those guys have a lot of physical tools that jump off the charts and that’s why they’re household names. Just being a better corner from the neck up. Also just being able to recognize things like tendency and formations. Those guys are really smart, you know, football players and cornerbacks are kind of like quarterbacks of the secondary.”

(On if he has received any advice on training camp)

“I’d probably say the biggest thing is probably attention to detail. Just paying attention to the little things. Whether it’s taking reps with, special teams, doing little stuff after practice or going over your notes at night. Just attention to detail in every facet. That’s probably been the biggest and the most common thing I’ve received. Whether it’s from guys who have gone pro at Michigan or you know people that are here giving me tips. Just attention to detail.”

Rams DT Greg Gaines – Media Availability – July 24, 2019

(On what it is like reporting to his first NFL training camp)

“It’s pretty exciting. I didn’t really know what to expect, I wasn’t expecting there to be so many cameras, but it’s cool. I’m really excited and I’ve been working hard to get here and I’m ready to roll.”

(On receiving advice from Rams teammates or college teammates and the transition to the NFL)

“It’s funny, I always ask them that and they say, ‘There’s no easy way, there’s no trick to it.’ It’s really hard and everybody knows that and we kind of just prepare ourselves for it and fight through it.”

(On feeling any pressure to step into a role on defense right away)

“It’s definitely a lot of pressure and big shoes to fill, but I’ve just got to come out and compete and try and earn a spot on the team. Really, I mean, you still got to earn it no matter what.”

(On how his mindset has changed going from college to the NFL)

“I don’t know, I think it’s a little more mental at this level, it’s not as physically taxing. It’s more of like a mental game. So, it’s definitely kind of a mental switch, I guess, more focused on mental.”

Rams LB Dakota Allen – Media Availability – July 24, 2019

(On the break between OTAs and training camp)

“The break has been good. It’s been long. I’ve been waiting on training camp. I feel like I’ve just had a lot of time to train, focus in on that playbook and just try to get ahead. Just excited to be here. Excited to start training camp.”

(On what he needs to do to earn a spot on the roster)

“Basically just come out here for training camp and prove why I do deserve a spot. I feel like I definitely need to show up on special teams for this training camp. I also need to make a couple plays on defense so I feel like this is a great opportunity and just excited to be here.”

(On if this offseason has been more hectic now that he’s on an NFL roster)

“I wouldn’t say it’s been more hectic. I’d say it’s really been a blessing for those who have. But as far as me just being out in public, I haven’t got to experience that yet. I’ve just been in my hotel just – you know – hibernating until this time. I don’t have a car to get around or anything like that, so I’ve just been chilling.”

(On if he’s received any advice on approaching training camp)

“I know some of the other guys said it’s not like college as far as the strain it does on your body. But, they say it’s a lot more mental. So I feel like I really need to get ahead in the playbook, make sure I’m watching film and studying the plays before every practice before I go out there.”