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Random Ramsdom, 7/25: Happy campers

The LA Rams are on the cusp of training camp and things are looking up. Here are the latest stories, including a certain WR that made the top 100 list.

Los Angeles Rams OTA’s Photo by Jayne Kamin-Oncea/Getty Images

Woods makes top 100 players of 2019 | Yahoo Sports

It’s not a tough argument to make that WR Robert Woods is underrated — well maybe a bit more difficult after reading this article. Woods is playing on a stacked wide receivers unit and still balls out like he’s the undisputed #1 pass catcher. I’m happy to see him recognized for his outstanding play.

Rams living in hotel comfort for training camp | LA Times

No longer living like college students on the campus of UC Irvine (home of the Anteaters), the Los Angeles Rams will not be living it up at the Newport Beach Hotel like a bunch of richies. Gary Klein breaks down the schedule for the next month as the Rams are moving all over the place — even Napa!

Rams 53-man roster projection includes three backups for Gurley | ESPN

With no C.J. “meatball” Anderson to run the rock this season, it only makes sense that Coach McVay and company have added more dudes to provide insurance for whatever is going on with RB Todd Gurley’s knee. Besides superstar rookie RB Darrell Henderson, we’ll most likely have RB Malcolm Brown and TST Radio favorite RB: (whispered) John Kelly.

Rams fantasy preview: Gurley’s knee is the elephant in the room | Yahoo Sports

I mean, are YOU going to draft Gurley in the first-round of your fantasy draft? Second-round? I know it’s not fun to talk about at parties, but you know you’re secretly counting on stealing RB Darrell Henderson in your draft because your bonehead friends probably don’t realize how much the dude is going to play this season.

Rams should make a push to pair Mike Daniels with Aaron Donald | Rams Wire

DT Mike Daniels, a 2017 Pro Bowler, was cut by the Green Bay Packers and is looking to sign with a Super Bowl contender. Apparently Rams fans want Daniels paired with DE Aaron Donald. However, this DT Greg Gaines slander will not stand.

Jared Goff aims to be on the money as Rams get ready for camp | LA Times

I guess you could say that a narrative that will be evolving over the preseason will be: is QB Jared Goff playing for a contract or a Super Bowl? Can it be both? It’s both.