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2019 Los Angeles Rams roster preview: WR Mike Thomas’ last call

With little production in his career, a crowded roster, and a return from injury, it’s not looking like Thomas will make the Rams’ roster in 2019.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Los Angeles Rams Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Last year’s roster preview on Los Angeles Rams WR Mike Thomas from our own Brandon Bate can pretty much apply to this year’s preview of the fourth-year wide reciever.

He still faces an uphill battle.

He still has to compete for playing time in an oversaturated position which just saw the return of white-blonde phenom WR Cooper Kupp.

He still has to battle newcomers.

With a new challenge to deal with this year in returning from injury, it’s most likely going to be Thomas’ last camp in Los Angeles.

Roster battle

It’s difficult to look at this position and say that Mike Thomas has a real shot as a true receiver, especially after having a forgettable career thus far. like Alex Bachman (roster preview), Jalen Greene (roster preview), Austin Proehl (roster preview), Jonathan Lloyd (roster preview) and Nsimba Webster (roster preview). With 2018 spent on the IR, Thomas’ career catches add up to just eight. His combined kickoff returns add up to 10.


Thomas is coming back from a groin injury he suffered in Week 1 last season, which is bad enough for anyone in his position. But the overwhelming obstacles in his way hinder his chances of making the final roster, even as a special teams player.

Chances of making the roster (0.5/10)

Never say never, but it’s not looking like Thomas’ future will be in Los Angeles. There’s no definitive quality about him that makes you hesitant about releasing him. He will likely be cut before the final preseason game.