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2019 Los Angeles Rams roster preview: S Marqui Christian is fashionably running out of time

Is Qui’s time running out?

Green Bay Packers v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

I struggle to get a beat on Los Angeles Rams safety Marqui Christian.

On one hand, he has been with the team for the last two years under Head Coach Sean McVay and Defensive Coordinator Wade Phillips. He has shown some ability in the preseason. And his fashion savvy is commendable.

But on the other hand, the Rams clearly saw a deficiency in long-term security at the back to bring in Eric Weddle and draft rookie S Taylor Rapp in the second round of the 2019 NFL Draft.

I don’t think that’s great news for our favorite fashion maven.

Roster Battle

The Rams have a ton of talent at the back. John Johnson III, Weddle and Rapp top the depth chart which might be the best safety trio in the NFL.

That gives Christian the first shot at a fourth safety slot. His primary competition will be Nick Scott (roster preview), Jake Gervase (roster preview), Steven Parker (roster preview) and perhaps Travin Howard (roster preview) who were both brought in this offseason.


Make a splash in camp and stay healthy. I think Christian has talent and can be a successful player on the back third of the roster, but he needs to make a statement. Showing that he is completely recovered from injuries in recent years.

Chances of making the final roster (5/10)

I’m calling this one a coin flip. As always with the back end of the roster, it may come down to how Rams Special Teams Coordinator John Fassel values Christian as a special teams contributor.