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2019 Los Angeles Rams roster preview: OL David Edwards beefed up

The Rams invested in another Wisconsin right tackle. What position will Edwards ultimately up playing as a pro?

NCAA Football: Brigham Young at Wisconsin Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Los Angeles Rams OL David Edwards, aka Rob Havenstein 2 (RH2), will initially be the understudy at right tackle.

In all seriousness, other than being a big ol’ right tackle from the University of Wisconsin, David Edwards and Rob Havenstein aren’t really the same player.

As a former high school quarterback and tight end, Edwards will initially rely on his feet and ability to get to the second level of defenses as opposed to his strength like Havenstein. Edwards does a pretty good job of controlling defenders with his long arms but will need to develop some man-strength to be a hit in the NFL. If Offensive Line Coach/Run Game Coordinator/Co-Offensive Coordinator Aaron Kromer can help nurture Edward’s technique, the 2019 NFL Draft 5th-round pick could end up being a part of the Rams’ offensive line for many seasons to come.

Position Battle

While technically a right tackle, the Rams will cross train Edwards at the two tackle and guard positions to see where Edwards fits best. This is a similar approach to how the team prepared Joseph Noteboom a year ago, and Noteboom is now projected as the team’s starting left guard. Of course, that isn’t cemented as the Rams now have solid understudies in Edwards and 2019 3rd-round selection Bobby Evans.

At the guard positions, projects Jeremiah Kolone (roster preview), Chandler Brewer (roster preview), Brandon Hitner (roster preview) and Jamil Demby (roster preview) will all battle to provide depth.


Edwards’ ability to play tackle should help him make the cut. Behind starters Andrew Whitworth and Havenstein, the only potential tackles on the roster are Noteboom, Evans, and Edwards all of whom should make the active roster.

Chances of Making The Final Roster (8/10)

The path is there. Be versatile. Lift weights. Study.

It’ll be interesting to see who emerges out of Noteboom, Evans and Edwards down the line. Noteboom looked pretty good in spots last season and had a head start, but if two of the three can be solid players the Rams will be feeling good about things.