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Los Angeles Rams LT Andrew Whitworth comes in at #91 on NFL Top 100

Big Whit comes in at 91.

The NFL Top 100 for 2019 kicked off tonight with new Los Angeles Rams S Eric Weddle coming in at #100.

While they were only releasing those listed from 100-91, we got a second Ram to make the list: LT Andrew Whitworth.

Whitworth came in at #91 this year. Last year, he landed at #87 after having missed out on the 2017 list. In 2016, he was listed #67 for his final season with the Cincinnati Bengals marking the first time he cracked the list.

There’s no doubt that Whitworth has been a fantastic signing. Coming over in the 2017 free agency period, Whitworth joined the Rams on a three-year contract that raised question over whether or not he’d be able to last into the 2019 season. Not only has he, but he’s done so in fantastic fashion over the entirety of the last two years.

So here’s to capping off a fantastic career with would could be a fantastic year for Big Whit and the Rams this year.