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USA Today 2019 predictions have Los Angeles Rams missing out on playoffs, San Francisco 49ers winning NFC West

Crazier things have happened...

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We’ve made it across the offseason desert. Football is nearly upon us.

So as we near the 2019 regular season, we’re starting to get the wave of annual predictions that everyone will agree upon and appreciate for its addition to discourse.

Ahem, I said everyone will agree upon and appreciate.

It is with that spirit in mind that I offer this prediction from USA Today’s Nate Davis that has the Los Angeles Rams going 9-7 and missing the playoffs while the San Francisco 49ers win the NFC West going 10-6.

Davis on the Rams:

Competition seems to be catching up to two-time defending division champs, who need Todd Gurley close to 100% in their bid to shake off the Super Bowl hangover that effects so many outfits that fall just short. And a rude wake-up call is coming with four of first five road contests in Eastern time zone.

And on the Niners:

Is anyone talking about them? Recovered QB [Wimmy Wapolo] may have just one premier weapon (TE George Kittle) but has plenty of capable options to leverage in Kyle Shanahan’s scheme. Should be a joy to watch healthy group, which has consistently fought hard and remained highly capable despite dire circumstances of past two years.

You are now free to agree and appreciate.