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VIDEO: NFL Network’s Reggie Wayne and Los Angeles Rams S John Johnson offer their win-loss predictions for 2019

Wayne has the Rams going 11-5, while JJ3 is a bit more confident...

Former Indianapolis Colts WR Reggie Wayne and Los Angeles Rams S John Johnson III were on NFL Total Access last night predicting the Rams’ 2019 regular season schedule outcomes, and they had a bit of a differing view.

Wayne went with:

Week 1 - @ Carolina Panthers: W
Week 2 - v. New Orleans Saints: L
Week 3 - @ Cleveland Browns: W
Week 4 - v. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: W
Week 5 - @ Seattle Seahawks: L
Week 6 - v. San Francisco 49ers: W
Week 7 - @ Atlanta Falcons: W
Week 8 - v.* Cincinnati Bengals: W
Week 9 - Bye week
Week 10 - @ Pittsburgh Steelers: L
Week 11 - v. Chicago Bears: L
Week 12 - v. Baltimore Ravens: W
Week 13 - @ Arizona Cardinals: W
Week 14 - v. Seattle Seahawks: W
Week 15 - @ Dallas Cowboys: L
Week 16 - @ San Francisco 49ers: W
Week 17 - v. Arizona Cardinals: W

So Wayne has us going 11-5. That’s a tick higher than I had us at 12-4 back when the regular season schedule was released (I’ll take a look at these again in the preseason).

As for our guy JJ3? Wipe them L’s off the screen. 16-0.

That’s not what I think. That’s what I got to think.