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2019 Los Angeles Rams roster preview: DT Boogie Roberts has an uphill climb

At 23, Boogie Roberts enjoyed a solid senior year at San Jose State, but can he succeed at the next level with the L.A. Rams?

COLLEGE FOOTBALL: SEP 29 Hawaii at San Jose State Photo by Douglas Stringer/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

There’s several famous Boogie’s out there. The rapper is probably the most famous, but PF Boogie Cousins comes in a close second. Even Boogie Nights is a classic. There’s something almost magical about the name, as if great things happen to those who go by that moniker.

Undrafted DT Boogie Roberts is probably not going to a famous Boogie. He did turn some heads at the 2019 Tropical Bowl, showing that he’s quick and he can play low to the ground even though he’s undersized. But the San Jose State standout will need a lot of breaks to breakout in training camp.

Roberts got a lot of experience as a pass-rushing defensive tackle last year with 384 pass-rush snaps, which was third among nose tackles with over three years of experience.

At 6’2” and 289 lbs, Boogie needs to add some muscle, and judging by his tape against Army, his sweet moves getting to the quarterback aren’t what you notice; it’s his explosiveness. The Los Angeles Rams play in a division with some quarterbacks that can movie pretty well, so he’ll have to improve on that front.

Roster Battle

The defensive line for the Rams is a bit murky past the for sure starters in DE Aaron Donald and DT Michael Brockers.

So, who will Boogie Roberts be competing with? The intriguing second-year sleeper DT Sebastian Joseph-Day, and promising rookie DT Greg Gaines. If Roberts is going to crack the roster, he’ll have to knock off those guys.

Another guy fighting for a spot just like Boogie? DL Tanzel Smart.


If Boogie is going to make it in the NFL, he’ll have to prove that he can move on the line while using his strength to make up for his lack of height. But his main expectation in camp will be winning one-on-one battles with his quickness. If he fails on that mark, then he’ll be packing his bags.

Chances of making the roster (0.5/10)

Unless some a rash of injuries plague the defensive line for the Rams, things don’t look too bright and sunny for Boogie Roberts.

But with undrafted free agents, there’s always the practice squad.

Oh, and here’s some Boogie music. Just because.