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New York Mets twitter account roasts New Orleans Saints’ fan in perfect fashion

You are appreciated, New York Mets’ twitter

If I had to venture a guess, the majority of Los Angeles Rams’ fans probably root for the Los Angeles Dodgers or St. Louis Cardinals when it comes to Major League Baseball, and that’s simply a guess on my part as a result of the Rams’ recent/current homes. That said, the Rams have fans all over the country/world, so there’s destined to be some Rams’ fans rooting for baseball teams in every state.

If you’re already a Mets fan, good for you. If you’re not one, maybe you should consider it.

On Thursday night, this nice young fella (@justinlanza4) informed the Mets on twitter that they sucked. This most likely occurred after the Mets dropped one (3-2) to the San Francisco Giants. And maybe it’s a fair assertion considering they’re currently 44-52 and in next to last place in the NL East.

But even if the Mets do suck, as Justin suggests, whoever runs their twitter account does not. Check out this flawless execution of a comeback zinger. May you win out the remainder of the regular season, Mets.