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Random Ramsdom 7/17: The offseason begins to circle the drain as the Rams eye camp

A couple last chances to mull the abstract, before the concrete arrives.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

PFF ranks the Rams run defense 31st I Rams Wire

Despite having the ultimate disrupter in Aaron Donald, Pro Football Focus still seems to feel that the Rams run defense is lacking. Last season, there certainly were examples of putrid run defense, namely against the Seattle Seahawks, yet they stepped it up when it counted in the playoffs. We’ll see of some offseason additions and promotions help on the run stop this season.

Some benchmarks for Todd Gurley in 2019 I Clutch Sports

Clutch Sports provides three numbers that will indicate that 2019 will go down as a prosperous one for Rams running back Todd Gurley, as question marks loom following late-season injuries last year.

Seattle Post-Intelligencer previews the the NFC West I Seattle Post-Intelligencer

It’s always fun to view the field of play from the enemies perspective. See how confident the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is in their Seahawks chances to unseat the reigning champs down the coast.

Were Super Bowl shortcomings Jared Goff’s fault? Let’s review that, one play at a time. I SB Nation

This is a cool piece that breaks down all of Jared Goff’s incompletions during the Super Bowl to see how much of the blame should go Goff’s way.

Who are the most underpaid vets around the league? I The Ringer

Which vets provide their teams with the most value? The Ringer looks at each team to their find the most underpaid vet.