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Your favorite Los Angeles Rams...turned very old

The NFC West Champions as Grandpas

Have you ever wondered what it would like if Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay was 60+ years old? Yeah, me too. Well the wait is over my friends.

The FaceApp, which was popularized a couple years ago, is back. And folks have turned to social media for the FaceApp challenge, in which they make themselves look like Granpappy and then share it on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, whatever else there is.

FaceApp is probably taking all of my personal and banking information right now, so I won’t subject you to it, but I did feel it important to sacrifice my 401k for your viewing pleasure. So without further ado...

Sean McVay — Favorite Hobby: Grinding tape

Les Snead — Favorite Hobby: Telling neighborhood kids to scram

Wade Phillips — Favorite Hobby: Tweeting

Jared Goff — Favorite Hobby: Watching the sun whatever direction

Todd Gurley — Favorite Hobby: Playing with his kittens

Cooper Kupp — Favorite Hobby: Gardening

Aaron Donald — Favorite Hobby: Still in the NFL

Clay Matthews — Favorite Hobby: Riding ponies

Marcus Peters — Favorite Hobby: He hates hobbies

Aqib Talib — Favorite Hobby: Cake decorating

You are welcome.