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Three Madden 20 ratings for the Los Angeles Rams they got right and four they got wrong

Lets show EA Sports how it’s really done.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re living under a rock, EA Sports’ Madden 20 released their database of full rankings yesterday. Roster ratings are always a highly debated topic as it pertains to Madden, so let’s take a look at who the team over at EA Sports ranked correctly and incorrectly on the Los Angeles Rams.


RE Aaron Donald, 99 overall

I mean, this one was simple, wasn’t it? Donald is a superhero between the white lines. Back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year awards as well as a 20.5-sack season were guarantees to land him among the best in the league. Frankly, I would have zero qualms if Donald was the only 100 overall player in the game. Even though LB Bobby Wagner, WR DeAndre Hopkins, and EDGE Khalil Mack are amazing players — all of which have 99 overalls — Donald is in a league of his own. Sorry gents.

WR Robert Woods, 87 overall

Woods was one of the best wide receivers in the league last year, though he’s still tied for 18th-overall among receivers. Looking at it from afar, he may be a bit underrated considering guys like Emmanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman, and Amari Cooper all had higher ratings (Alshon Jeffery also an 87). Woods was healthier and statistically superior than all of those names mentioned. It is nice to see him get his due as one of the better receivers in the game with nearly a 90 overall.

CB Marcus Peters, 82 overall

By now, everybody knows Peters struggled last season, and that’s evidenced by his 82 overall grade. I like that Madden didn’t knock him too low as he’s still extremely talented and nearly guaranteed to have a better season in 2019. His zone coverage rating of 76 seems a bit low compared to what he does well in real life, though his overall rating is right in range with what I’d have expected.


K Greg Zuerlein, 80 overall

Not only is GZ’s overall rating too low, his kick power is a disgraceful 95. On the surface it seems fair, until you dig deeper and realize 12 kickers have a stronger leg than Greg (with another three tied). I can guarantee there are not 15 kickers with just as much/more kick power. Nope.

FS Eric Weddle, 81 overall

Weddle’s overall rating of 81 seems a bit low for a player of his quality. Weddle’s made three consecutive pro bowls, collected 10 interceptions, and started every game the past three seasons in Baltimore. Sure, he’s 34 years old, but that shouldn’t directly impact his overall. His grade is sure to rise during the in-season updates.

ILB Cory Littleton, 75 overall

Littleton may not be a star, but he’s better than his 75 overall suggests. His man coverage grade of 63 and zone coverage grade of 70 both seem low for a player of his caliber in coverage. He shouldn’t have an elite rating in either category, though his current grade suggests a replacement level player.

OLB Samson Ebukam, 80 overall

Ebukam is simply rated too high. The Rams re-signed Dante Fowler Jr and signed Clay Matthews in free agency, meaning Ebukam is headed to the bench barring any unforeseen circumstances. Madden rated Ebukam as an elite athlete, which he is, though the issue becomes his rating when compared to his peers. Baltimore Ravens OLB Matthew Judon is a far superior player and is only rated 81 overall. Strange.