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Random Ramsdom 7/11: best game ever

And more updates regarding LA Rams star RB Todd Gurley and his ongoing knee saga.

The 2019 ESPYs - Show Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

ESPYs honor the LA Rams for best game of the year | Deadline Hollywood Daily

Do you guys watch the ESPYs? It’s still a pretty fun event since it’s so casual. Best Game is a pretty cool category because both teams need to be relevant for this to work. Man, that MNF football game was pretty epic. QB Jared Goff’s best game of the year if you ask me.

Todd Gurley’s knee mystery deepens | New York Post

This story lures you in with the very vague quote: “I have it?” We’re talking about arthritis and RB Todd Gurley knows that he’s going to be asked this question... a LOT. It sucks that this knee injury narrative has to be so dominant this offseason, but those are the breaks.

LA Rams defense projected to be 19th in the NFL | Scout

This perspective comes from the fantasy football angle, suggesting that the Los Angeles Rams aren’t worth a defensive pick in your fantasy draft. I think this is pretty low for the Rams’ D.

Roster preview: TE Gerald Everett | Downtown Rams

Our friends over at Downtown Rams put out a profile on Gerald Everett that’s worth a click. And let’s not bury the lead, the guy needs to take the next step.