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Former NFL star RB Terrell Davis: “I fear that this is the beginning of the end of Todd Gurley”


There’s something going on with Todd’s knee. It’s not well.

I’ve been in that situation before. I’m looking at Todd. I watched him last year, and they kept saying, “He’s fine. It was on us. We didn’t get him the ball in the offense. We’re not using him properly.”

That’s not true.

When you see Todd Gurley and he’s only getting seven touches here, and they’re taking him out of important plays in the game sparing him in a time when you need Todd Gurley, there’s problems with Todd Gurley’s knee.

It may not be to the point where he has to be on the bench, but I’ve been there where my knee was not great. I’ve had an issue with my cartilage where they were removing cartilage out of my knee it seemed like every week. It don’t get better once you start to take cartilage out the knee, start draining it.

I remember my last year going through that season, and I was like Todd. I’d play in a game; I’d miss a game. I’d play in a game; I’d miss two games. And then I’d come back. And I’d have spurts. We saw Todd with spurts last year against the Dallas Cowboys. He looked great in that game. Came back and didn’t play.


Todd is going through this.

I fear this is the beginning of the end of the way we saw Todd and being able to use him on an everydown basis and having that threat out there every single down.

If you’ve got a pitch count on Todd, and he’s only going into his fifth year?!


And he’s got his own program with his own trainer doing something different?

That should be alarming to people who are Todd Gurley fans and Rams fans.

That was former NFL star RB Terrell Davis on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access last night.

Davis didn’t voice anything we haven’t heard (or said) before, but to see it seeping into the former player punditry of NFL Media is perhaps new.

Given what Davis’ colleague at NFL Media Ian Rapoport said yesterday as well, it’s a randomly forboding day of coverage for Just Todd Gurley’s knee as the Rams close out the final week of organized team activities before holding the optional minicamp next week ahead of a summer break that will precede training camp, preseason and the forthcoming 2019 regular season.