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Random Ramsdom 6/27: roster puzzle pieces

What up and coming players for the LA Rams have the best chance to transition into crucial roles this season?

Los Angeles Rams WR Michael Thomas and OL Jamil Demby during training camp, July 28, 2018. Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

PFF: Rams have 2nd-best roster in NFL | Rams Wire

Only behind the New England Patriots, the LA Rams can no longer say that their talent is riding underneath the radar. They’re a great team and everyone knows it. Now they just have to prove that their potential can actually win the Super Bowl.

Demby a critical pieces for offensive line | Rams official site

Los Angeles Rams insider Myles Simmons writes about the potential for OL Jamil Demby to make some waves on the offensive line next season. I’m hyped for that, for sure.

Wade Phillips likes experience that Weddle and Matthews bring | NBC Sports

It’s not a huge shocker that an old school dude like defensive coordinator Wade Phillips would appreciate seasoned veterans like S Eric Weddle and LB Clay Matthews. But just in case you were skeptical, here is an article that contains quotes from the wily coach.

You should avoid Todd Gurley in your fantasy draft | Number Fire

I have never heard of Number Fire before, but they are under the impression that something is up with RB Todd Gurley’s knee. I haven’t heard of a such a thing, but I will trust them that they have some inside information.

2019 NFL MVP odds: where do the Rams rank? | Rams Wire

My boy, QB Jared “Volcano Pants” Goff is going to run away with this sweet-ass trophy and I’m not even listening to any other thought on the subject. Did you guys know Jared Goff loves the movie Malibu’s Most Wanted? We’re in safe hands. it’s fine. We’re fine.

Niners podcast featuring interview with QB coach Zac Robinson | Niners Nation

Our brother site on SB Nation, Niners Nation (do you see what they did there?), just published an interview with the then PFF analyst Zac Robinson from 2018. It’s worth a listen.