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2019 Los Angeles Rams roster preview: QB Brandon Allen to battle for backup job

With Sean Mannion out of the mix and Blake Bortles in town, the backup QB job seems to be relatively out of reach for Brandon Allen.

NFL: Oakland Raiders at Los Angeles Rams Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Journeyman quarterbacks are not rare when it comes to the NFL, and Brandon Allen is no different. Allen was originally drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars as a late-round developmental quarterback prospect back in 2016, eventually joining the Los Angeles Rams in 2017.

Allen has yet to play any meaningful NFL snaps, and that likely wont change this upcoming season.

Roster Battle

The battle at the quarterback spot is going to be a tough one that ultimately becomes decided by how many the Rams intend to keep. Jared Goff is the unquestioned starter and leader of the team, so his place is firmly locked on the roster. Recently added free agent QB Blake Bortles will also be handed the reigns to the backup quarterback job, guaranteeing him a roster spot.

The fun begins after those two with Allen and John Wolford fighting for the third quarterback spot (unlikely), or a practice squad spot (likely).


There really aren’t any. Allen should compete to the best of his ability during training camp and preseason and hope it’s enough to land him a 53-man roster spot. If it isn’t, he’ll need to develop enough to secure a practice squad spot.

Chances of making the final roster (0.5/10)

I really don’t foresee the Rams carrying three quarterbacks on the roster, and even if they did, Allen isn’t a shoe-in for the spot. It’s likely he secures a practice squad spot, though even that isn’t a guarantee at this point.