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Random Ramsdom 6/26: Mansions, yachts, and rocks, LA Rams style.

It’s the offseason, but the Rams are having fun.

The Rams settle with former St Louis PSL holders I ESPN

The Rams have settled to pay back the remaining third of PSL holder’s money for the 10 years that the Rams won’t play in the Edward Jones Dome. At the end of the day, the optics of a settlement may ultimately benefit Stan Kroenke more a triumph in court would.

Nickell Robey-Coleman, slot angler. I Rams Official Site

It’s summertime in Southern California, which means warm currents from the south are on their way; bringing with them some delicious big game fishing- and Nickell Robey-Coleman is ready to capitalize . On this video NRC heads out to the Channel Islands and hooks up a massive Yellowtail

An icy ring finger for Veronika Khomyn McVay I Page Six

Not to get all TMZ on Turf Show, but apparently Sean McVay dropped six figures on Veronika’s ring. She’ll be even luckier if she can get McVay to stop diagraming plays long enough to have a actual wedding. Gotta pay the bills Ms. McVay!

Seriously though, may they have a wonderful and loving marriage.

Clay Matthew’s is not an old geezer, ask Wade Phillips. I Rams Wire

Leadership. Experience. Mentor. These are all words we throw around with the seemingly Connor Barwinesque addition of Clay Matthews to the Rams defense. Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips seems to think he has plenty of athleticism to be an impact player this season.

Vegas likes the Rams out of the NFC this season I CBS Sports

Check out the early Super Bowl odds out of Vegas for the 2019 NFL season. The Rams seem to be getting some love heading into the season, may it please pan out.

Buy Dick Enberg’s La Jolla mansion! Why not?! I LA Times

Sportcasting legend, and former Los Angeles Rams play-by-play god Dick Enberg’s La Jolla crib is up for sale. Check out the photos and if you’re sick of your old one bedroom dingbat apartment, you might consider plopping down the $9.8m to move in.

Rest In Power Mr Enberg.