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Random Ramsdom 6/25: Brace yourselves. Training camp is coming...

Everyday the clock ticks closer to football. Random Ramsdom is always here to provide today’s best links in the Rams-verse.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Rams to Open Training Camp for 2019 Season on July 27 | Los Angeles Times

It’s almost time fam. Football is almost upon us. Only 7 public practices seems anemic, but with all the inter-team practices that the Rams have scheduled this offseason, I guess it makes sense.

Rams, Raiders Should Provide a Super Summer Matchup | Forbes

Speaking of inter-team practices, the Rams will see the Oakland Raiders of Las Vegas twice on the practice field this summer.

Rams Fans Should Be Unhappy Over Study Claiming Team Has Weakest Fan Base | Ramblin’ Fan

I mean did they conduct this study in 2016?

Judge Approves Settlement in St. Louis Rams PSL Lawsuit | Pro Football Talk

I mean, this only seems fair that if you paid for something and the other party doesn’t deliver, then you’re entitled to a refund for the undelivered portion right? Cool cool.

NFL Announces Rams Training Camp Report Dates for Rookies, Veterans | Rams Wire

As I said earlier, football is coming. I’m really excited to watch some of these rookies like Ketner Kupp and Nsimba Webster during camp. Also interested in seeing how Todd Gurley performs during camp as well as how Cooper Kupp is coming along.

3 Trade Targets Rams Should Consider From Bengals in 2019 Before Training Camp | Ramblin’ Fan

As always, some solid choices by Dan.

Los Angeles Rams Coach Sean McVay Engaged to Model Girlfriend Veronika Khomyn | People

McBae is getting McMarried.