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2019 Los Angeles Rams roster preview: WR Johnathan Lloyd searches for an opening

The Rams are stacked at WR. Could Lloyd sneak onto the final roster?

Duke v Louisville Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff has been very fortunate in his young career. The Rams have done an excellent job surrounding him with talent since Head Coach Sean McVay took over.

He is blessed with one of the most talented wide receiver groups in the NFL. The Rams have an elite deep threat (Brandin Cooks), one of the best possession receivers in the game (Robert Woods), and an extraordinarily talented slot receiver (Cooper Kupp). To top it all off, they have Josh Reynolds waiting in the wings and JoJo Natson as a return specialist.

Roster Battle

That leaves one spot at best up for grabs. Lloyd isn’t at the front of the line for that spot and will have to fight his way through KhaDarel Hodge, Mike Thomas, and Austin Proehl to have a chance.


Lloyd isn’t the most shifty or explosive receiver, but he has shown a willingness to run crossing routes and has shown an ability to consistently catch the ball in traffic. He’ll have to show some versatility in camp if he is going to catch on.

Chances of Making the Final Roster (1/10)

I really dislike giving players a zero. You never know when you’re going to come across that proverbial ‘diamond in the rough’ or who is going to stick out to special teams coordinator John Fassel - who has a lot of say on the back end of the roster.

A lot would have to go Lloyd’s way in camp for him to make the final roster, and I think the Rams will more be looking at him as a candidate for the practice squad as opposed to someone to fill one of the final spots on the roster.