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Turf Show Radio, S11E3: These are a few of our favorite things

As we head into the offseason, a couple favorites to discuss.

(Apple news readers will either need to head to the show page or just check us out on iTunes)

3:09 - Joey runs down Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous for Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco.

4:55 - Joey talkin bout porn.

5:32 - We start with the favorites. Who’s your favorite player on the Los Angeles Rams? Joey goes with QB Jared Goff as 1A and WR Brandin Cooks as 1B. Rob-o has WR Cooper Kupp as his 1A with S John Johnson III and WR Robert Woods as 1B and 1C. Joe is a weirdo and likes his fellow Southerners and K Greg Zuerlein.

10:48 - We welcome in the youngs with references to Opie Taylor and Fred Sanford.

12:46 - CoreTemp: A Force of Nature: The Core of Nature: The Force of the Core

13:36 - Favorite Rams game from 2018. Joey takes the NFC Championship against the New Orleans Saints. Rob-o runs with Week 4 against the Minnesota Vikings and the best throw of Goff’s career. Joe has the Week 11 game against the Kansas City Chiefs in Mexico City Los Angeles in which QB Patrick Mahomes threw six touchdowns to power the Chiefs to 51 a loss.

17:45 - #BananaBitches

24:32 - Favorite game in 2019? Joey says the Chicago Bears in Week 11. Rob-o has Week 10 against the Pittsburgh Steelers but also highlights the Rob-o curse. Joe goes with two games...the two games against the San Francisco 49ers, because fuck the Niners.

27:23 - We need to remake Hands Across America to keep Rob-o away from the Coli

33:45 - FanPulse!

37:30 - Thinkin bout drinkin.

41:37 - Favorite Rams head coach of all time? Ray Malavasi? John Robinson? JEFF FISHER?!?!

49:50 - Favorite tacos. Tread lightly. This can be contentious!!!