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Random Ramsdom 6/18: Another day, Another story about Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley’s knee

The story that won’t quit and other awesome links!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-Minicamp Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Todd Gurley’s Trainer: Rams RB Has ‘Arthritic Component to His Knee’ | Turf Show Times

I love this back and forth where someone says Todd Gurley’s knee is kinda, maybe, slightly hosed and then the Rams come back with “No, no, everything’s fine!”

Todd Gurley’s Health Rightfully Listed as Biggest Red Flag Surrounding Rams For 2019 | Ramblin’ Fan

Any Rams fan, pundit, or coach who isn’t worried about Todd Gurley’s knee is fooling themselves.

Rams Given Great Odds to Make Playoffs In 2019 | Rams Wire

Considering that the Rams’ trajectory since hiring Sean McVay has been up, I believe this. Even given the possibility of Todd Gurley’s knee being well and truly hosed, they should be able to make it into the playoffs.

Daily Dose: Rams Surprise Offseason Standout | The Rams Official Site

This knockoff version of the Random Ramsdom™ is pretty great.

Rams O-Line Coach: Brian Allen, Joseph Noteboom Off to a Good Start | Rams Wire

This is great, Jared Goff needs all the protection he can get.

Todd Gurley Counsels Rookies at BBQ With HOFer Eric Dickerson | The Rams Official Site

Todd Gurley is many things, but selfish isn’t one of them.

2020 NFL Mock Draft: Rams Bolster Front Seven in First Two Rounds | Turf Show Times

Mocks already? Could we at least start the current season before we start assessing needs for the next one?

2019 Los Angeles Rams 90-Man Roster Preview | Turf Show Times

Last but not least, were starting our annual coverage of the entire Rams offseason roster and making educated (or in the case of yours truly, sometimes totally random) guesses at each players chance of making the final roster. These are fun for us to write and fun for you guys to read, so keep an eye out for them!