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Random Ramsdom 6/11: Minicamp, Media Day, and Rookies!

Another slick edition of the Random Ramsdom!

NFL: Los Angeles Rams-OTA Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

7 Biggest Questions for the Rams Ahead of Mini Camp | Rams Wire

Anything having to do with Todd Gurley’s health is going to be question number one. Everything else is secondary.

Robert Woods Feels He’s Capable of Doing Even More for Rams In 2019 | Los Angeles Times

Robert Woods is one of the most consistently good players and clutch performers I have ever seen. The fact that he feels he ca still do more should make Sean McVay giddy and scare other teams.

Each Cooper Kupp Update This Offseason Seems to Be More Positive for Rams | Ramblin’ Fan

Speaking of constant and great. Can’t wait to see Cooper Kupp back on the field, this man is a joy to watch.

First Look at Eric Weddle, Newest Rams in Uniform at Media Day | Rams Wite

Ah, media day. The first time we get to see all the new Rams in uniform for the first time. I’m talking real uniforms, not that photoshop witchcraft that the team tweets out when the moves are announced. Everyone love uniforms right?

Daily Dose: the Rams’ Top Pass-Rushing Duo | The Rams Official Site

Since the Random Ramsdom™ was taken, they had to call their link posts the daily dose. I don’t know, doesn’t quite have the same ring, but they are usually pretty good.

3 Trade Targets Rams Should Consider From Raiders in 2019 Before Training Camp | Ramblin’ Fan

Our Ramblin’ Friends continue to put out some solid ideas for trade targets from around the league.

Watch: Rams Rookies Receive Heartfelt Messages From Family After Signing | Rams Wire

Ok, this was cool.