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Comparing 2019 NBA Finals players to the Los Angeles Rams

As the NBA Finals are just hours away from tip-off, let’s jump into some comparisons!

Minnesota Vikings v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

The 2019 NBA Finals are just hours away from tip-off with an exciting matchup between the first-time finals attendees in the Toronto Raptors open up at home against the Golden State Warriors who’re trying to three-peat.

Let’s take a look at some of the star players participating in this finals matchup, and compare them to who’s most similar on the Los Angeles Rams’ roster.

Here we go:

Floor General

PG Steph Curry - QB Jared Goff

This one was pretty easy, wasn’t it? Steph Curry man’s the point for the Warriors who’ve built a dynasty. While the Rams have yet to re-create the same success, Jared Goff is the man who makes it all go as the ball is in his hands every play. A Curry three is akin to a Goff bomb down the field.

Wiley Ol’ Vet

SF Andre Iguodala - CB Aqib Talib

Both Iguodala and Talib are true veterans of the game. At this point in time, Talib probably offers more than Iggy does, but both are guys who’ve won before, have experienced it all, and are still valuable players (and leaders) to their teams. Not to mention, both are great defenders.

Heart & Grit

PF Draymond Green - CB Marcus Peters

This comparison stems from two incredibly hyped and edgy players. At times they may have you pulling out chunks of hair, though more often than not their aggression and passion results in major positives and momentum swings. Green is one of the best defenders in the NBA, meanwhile Peters has shown his ability to perform at a superstar level in the past.

PG Kyle Lowry - WR Brandin Cooks

Both Lowry and Cooks are similar in stature (small), but operate under the ideology of “no fear”. Lowry will take a charge any time of day and isn’t afraid to get down and dirty fighting for loose balls. Cooks has never met a route he wouldn’t run, even if it meant exposing his small stature going across the middle of the field. Just ask Arizona Cardinals’ safety Tre’ Boston.

Two-Way Weapon

SG Klay Thompson - WR Robert Woods

Klay Thompson isn’t necessarily the guy who makes it all go for the Warriors, but he is a potent weapon in his own right. A dominant defender and a catch-and-shoot nightmare, he offers a dangerous ability on both ends on the floor. Why and how does that compare to Robert Woods? Well, Woods is just as good as a receiver as he is a blocker, and he’s excellent at both. Both guys affect the game with or without the ball in their hands. Mr. Do-it-all.

All-Around Dominance

SF Kawhi Leonard - DT Aaron Donald

Kawhi Leonard has proven to be the best player in the NBA after his magical and dominating performance in the 2019 playoffs. He has the ability to truly takeover a game at any point in time, is as strong as an ox, and is one of the best defenders in NBA history. And that’s where the comparison to Aaron Donald comes in. Truly unstoppable, Donald can wreak havoc whenever he pleases against opponents. He’s off to one of the most dominant starts to a career that we’ve ever witnessed, and for that, both of these guys are considered unstoppable.

Straight Firepower

SF Kevin Durant - RB Todd Gurley

Kevin Durant is arguably the best offensive player in the entire league (could even remove the “offensive”). His offense has no limitations as he can create any look he wants, and he can drain just about anything. His offensive firepower is unmatched. Todd Gurley offers the same offensive ability. He can run at an elite level, he can catch at an elite level, and he can block at an elite level. All around, these guys are nearly unstoppable with the ball in their hands.

Got It Out The Mud

C Marc Gasol - LT Andrew Whitworth

Marc Gasol has done it all, other than win a championship. A former defensive player of the year, a three-time all-star, and a guy who’s played 13 years of NBA basketball. By way of trade, he finally finds himself in a position to land his first shot at a ring, which was similar to Andrew Whitworth. Whitworth put in 13 NFL seasons when he finally reached his first Super Bowl, and although the Rams didn’t complete the job, it’s great to see a fantastic player and human at least get a shot on the grand stage.

Up & Comer

PF Pascal Siakam - SS John Johnson III

Pascal Siakam was not drafted highly, he was not expected to develop this quickly, played in the G-League, and truly earned his way to stardom. He’s currently the second option on arguably the best team in the league who offers a ton of defensive ability and versatility. John Johnson was not drafted highly either (third round pick), was not given a starting job out of the gate, and earned his way to becoming one of the best safeties in the NFL. Both guys are on the verge of a pro bowl/all-star berth.

Role Player

PG Fred VanVleet - CB Nickell Robey-Coleman

Fred VanVleet is a diminutive point guard who went undrafted and grinded his way onto an NBA roster. Not just that, but FVV is now an integral piece to the Raptors as his bench presence nearly won him a Sixth Man of the Year award. Nickell Robey-Coleman is small in stature, doesn’t play 100% of the time (like VanVleet), was undrafted, and earned and grinded his way to a nice contract and a solidified role by way of fantastic play. Well done, gents.

There you have it. Enjoy the NBA Finals tip tonight, and also, GO RAPTORS!