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Random Ramsdom 5/30: Getting SoFi’ed

The LA Rams’ new stadium might have a name, and it’s totally awkward!

NFL: LA Stadium Canopy Shell Topping Out Celebration Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

SoFi in final talks with NFL for LA Rams stadium naming rights | Fox Business

It’s no shock that the Los Angeles Rams' new stadium will have an awkward corporate name that most fans will struggle to remember. Have most fans even heard of SoFi before? If you owe thousands of dollars on your student loans, then you probably do!

Gurley to play 6 pounds lighter this season | Rams Wire

Steve Wyche went on the NFL Network and talked about RB Todd Gurley’s role with the Los Angeles Rams next season and it sounds not too grim! Gurley is going to show up at around 218 pounds, rather than last year’s 224, 225. Neat!

Todd Gurley being absent from OTAs is right approach | Ramblin’ Fan

Looks like the LA Rams are treating Gurley with kid gloves, which seems like the smart play.

Sean McVay impressed by Bortles | Rams Wire

McVay was quoted as saying that QB Blake Bortles is “only going to get better.”

No word on when Rams might offer Peters a contract extension | LA Times

CB Marcus Peters had an up and down season last year, but he’s still a top cornerback in the league and his contract situation will prove to be a big story moving forward. But as of now? No news is still news.

Rams counting on Noteboom and Allen as starters | Rams Wire

This checks out, considering the Rams didn’t select an O lineman in the first or second round.