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2019 Los Angeles Rams NFL Draft profile: OT David Edwards

Sosa takes a look at the second offensive lineman selected by the Rams in the 2019 NFL Draft. Could Edwards have a future at offensive tackle?

NCAA Football: Wisconsin Pro Day Mary Langenfeld-USA TODAY Sports

Next up on the draft profiles list from the 2019 NFL Draft by the Los Angeles Rams is Wisconsin Badgers OT David Edwards.

Edwards was a four-year contributor at Wisconsin where he started over 31 games in his time there. Unfortunately for Edwards, he sustained a shoulder injury which he played with for the duration of the 2018 season.

Let’s take a look at the write-up:

Not a powerful run blocker, more of a guy who will just get in the way and occupy his defender. High IQ player who doesn’t struggle to see pass rush plans or pass off stunts in pass pro. Not nimble but a decent athlete who can climb to the second level and reach a linebacker. Absolutely terrible game vs Miami in 2017. Couldn’t block a soul in pass pro or in the run game. All in all, not a good run defender by any means. Will need to improve leaps and bounds in that aspect. Decent in pass pro, but struggles with shorter guys and speed rushers. He’s so tall and doesn’t bend well making it hard for him to contact them properly with his punch. Better against power/bulky rushers. Looks to me like he won’t be a guard conversion option. Shows the ability to run edge defenders up the arc past his QB.

Here’s a play where Edwards is lined up at right tackle and does a solid job in pass pro. When he can get out of his pass set efficiently and quickly, he can gain this kind of depth in his set. His punch and mirror of the edge is extremely simple because of his ability to get out of his stance quickly:

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Edwards is going to be a project for Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer to work with. He’s not ready to contribute in my opinion, and is likely limited to only a right tackle role because of his lack of run blocking ability. Coach Kromer will cross train him regardless, but it’s evident his best shot at NFL success will be at right tackle. Edwards needs a lot to work on, from technique, to power, to angles in the run game. Luckily for him, he wont be pressed into immediate playing time, and even barring any injury, third-round draft pick Bobby Evans should be higher in the order.

Here is Edwards’ athletic profile via MockDraftable:

Next up on the docket is Penn State Nittany Lions S Nick Scott.