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Student loan financing company in final negotiations to purchase naming rights to future Los Angeles Rams stadium

It is clearly 2019.

New Inglewood Stadium

Per Fox Business, SoFi, an online company that provides student loan refinancing, is in “late-stage talks” to purchase the naming rights to the stadium that Los Angeles Rams Owner Stan Kroenke is building in Inglewood, California.

The piece notes that SoFi could pay as much as $20m per year for the rights to the stadium which will host the Rams and the Los Angeles Chargers in the NFL as well as play host to a variety of sports events in the coming years including Super Bowl LVI, an annual college football bowl game, the 2023 College Football Playoff National Championship, the 2028 Summer Olympics and more.

One random note? SoFi’s CEO is Anthony Noto who was the CFO for the NFL for two and a half years vacating the position in the leadup to the 2011 lockout. After a couple years in the financial sector, Noto became Twitter’s CFO. He left that position in January of last year to become the CEO at SoFi. So he has a pretty intimate knowledge of the NFL and the sports marketing landscape.

But man. For the “keep politics out of sports” crowd, it would be both hilarious and incredibly 2019 to have a company that makes millions from student loans sponsor the biggest stadium development in North American history.