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Random Ramsdom 5/23: McVay drank his Super Bowl blues away

How did Sean McVay cope after the Super Bowl loss? And how is LA Rams LB Clay Matthews adjusting to his new team? Please enjoy these and other stories.

NFL: Super Bowl LIII-New England Patriots vs Los Angeles Rams Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

Sean McVay did ‘a lot of drinking’ after Super Bowl loss | Rams Wire

This makes sense as Sean McVay put so much of his heart and soul into his coaching of the Los Angeles Rams. McVay reveals that he wasn’t aware of how New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton reacted to the NFC Championship loss with ice cream.

Former Rams DE opens up about marijuana use in his NFL career | Sports Illustrated

Having just retired from the NFL, DE Chris Long, always a great interview, revealed on The Dan Patrick Show that he’s been a pot user for years and even had some interesting things to say about the NFL drug testing process, calling it ‘arbitrary.’

Feeling comfortable back in L.A., C. Matthew shares how he fits in | Rams official site

Former Green Bay Packers LB and current LA Ram, Clay Matthews gave some encouraging quotes from the LA Rams facility in Thousand Oaks, California.

Weddle won’t share Ravens’ secrets with Rams before week 12 game | Rams Wire

S Eric Weddle’s former team, the Baltimore Ravens, won’t have to worry about inside information being leaked to the Rams.

Brockers is feeling refreshed going into 8th season | Rams official site

DL Michael Brockers is only 28 years-old, but it seems like he’s been with the LA Rams for decades. Rams insider Myles Simmons lays downs some quotes from the veteran about his hopes for the upcoming season.

2019 is the most important year for Goff | LA Sports Hub

I don’t really buy into this talk about QB Jared Goff needing to prove himself this season any more than it was a narrative last season. The guy needs to produce, as do all of the starters on the team. The whole concept of a year being more important than other years is kind of pointless when you’re in the thick of it. Sure, in hindsight, you can look back and say one season was less important than the other, but you get it. It’s May, what are you going to do?