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Good Morning Football crew debates how much pressure Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff is under in 2019

Suffice to’s a lot.

The Good Morning Football crew tackled their pressure scale for the quarterbacks of the NFC West, and their ratings for Los Angeles Rams QB Jared Goff are pretty interesting.

Nate Burleson: I’m going with a solid 10, because I feel like more than Jared Goff these guys have to bounce back. Sean McVay, how do you bounce back from the Super Bowl? You got Cooper Kupp now back healthy. Todd Gurley how do you bounce back from that HUGE dip at the end of the season. For me, it’s all these different individuals that are going to have to answer these questions about bouncing back.

And even Jared Goff himself trailed off a little bit toward the end of the year with production: touchdowns vs. interceptions. So I’m going with a 10, because I often times talk about the Super Bowl hangover. I never went to the Super Bowl, but I’m very familiar with the Super Bowl losing team coming back and STRUGGLING to become relevant again not good again.

So Jared Goff? It’s at a 10, man.

Peter Schrager: What’s the pressure? He’s already been to a Super Bowl, so you can’t say that he can’t win the big one. He went into New Orleans when the Saints were up 13-0 and came out and gave Sean Payton and Drew Brees their only playoff loss ever. He’s going to get paid. The organization loves him. The fans believe in him.

I say 5.

I mean, this contract is looming, but what’s the pressure if the Rams go 9-7 and don’t go 14-2? He still took his team to the Super Bowl last year. Yeah, there will be question marks, but there are a lot of quarterbacks who haven’t won squat. Jared Goff has already done a lot more than some of the all-time greats getting to a Super Bowl and leading his team in New Orleans and getting a win. So I’m gonna say 5. There are a lot of other quarterbacks in that conference with a lot more pressure on them than Jared Goff.

Kyle Brandt: The pressure is history.

I’m gonna say 10 with an infinity symbol next to it.

I know how this industry works. We all do. That Super Bowl is notorious and infamous, and it will be played for the next 50 years on every countdown show of “Greatest Defensive Performance Ever” and the Belichick legacy and the Brady legacy and it’s always going to be Jared Goff.

That Super Bowl for him is a life tattoo. It will never go away. Now you can get other tattoos around it. You can surround it. Matt Ryan has a 28-3 tattoo. I don’t care if he wins five more Super Bowls. That will always come up.

Guys, statistically [Goff] wasn’t that terrible in that game. He was skittish. He was off. He literally committed a false start penalty. I want to see Jared Goff regroup from that, but it will never go away until he does.


What do you think? Is Goff a 10/10 for pressure or do you think the successful Super Bowl or bust season of 2018 has offered him some cover for 2019?