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Los Angeles Rams CB Nickell Robey-Coleman graduates from USC

Way to go, NRC!

If the Los Angeles Rams aren’t a family, then I don’t know what is. Watch Head Coach Sean McVay address CB Nickell Robey-Coleman who recently graduated college, even after securing a nice three-year $15.75m deal.

NRC has quietly become one of the Rams’ most consistent defensive playmakers, and although a lot of the attention follows cornerbacks Aqib Talib and Marcus Peters, NRC holds a spot as one of the leagues best in his own right. NRC is arguably the best nickel corner in the league.

NRC originally signed with the Rams in 2017 for a tiny $855 thousand. The three year deal he eventually signed represents an average of $5.25 million per year. It’s good to see a quality player (and human) continue to achieve things he set out to do, and returning to USC to finish his degree is certainly something many players (both present and past) should take note of.

Well done, NRC!