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Random Ramsdom 5/15: The Los Angeles Rams welcome new faces into town.

It’s time to settle in and get to know some of the Rams’ rookies, both drafted and undrafted.

NFL: LA Stadium Canopy Shell Topping Out Celebration
Much of the 2019 rookie crop should start to see the field around the same time the Rams move into their new stadium in 2020, but who might contribute even sooner?
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Aaron Donald, meet Meatball 2.0 (The defensive version) I Rams Official Site

Last season Aaron Donald lined up next to another superstar in Ndamukong Suh. This year he is expected to put in work next to rookie nose tackle Greg Gaines. Gaines doesn’t have Suh’s pedigree, but will look to be useful in his role, which will be to clog up the middle, absorb linemen, and free up Donald and Michael Brockers. See what Gaines and Donald’s first meeting was like.

Former Ram tight end Tammarick Hemingway finds a home with the Carolina Panthers I Panthers Wire

It appears that the Rams will get to catch up with old friend Tamarrick Hemingway in Week 1 this year after the Carolina Panthers claimed Hemingway. Last season, after being released from Los Angeles Hemingway landed in Denver where he appeared in five games.

Darrell Henderson’s college coach loves running back’s fit in Los Angeles I Rams Wire

Darrell Henderson’s coach at Memphis, Mike Norvell, seems to think the Rams were the perfect landing spot for Henderson to put his talents to use. See what Norvell has to say about how Henderson will fit into Sean McVay’s offense.

Twenty two undrafted free agents have been signed by the Rams I Rams Official Site

Here is a list of the twenty-two undrafted free agents that the Rams have signed. We’re hitting a quiet portion of the football calendar so it might be worth a deep dive to actually check out some these guys highlights and search for a diamond in rough.

David Long is happy to be back home I Rams Wire

Much like the Rams themselves a few years back, rookie cornerback David Long will be returning home to Los Angeles this season. It’s a luxury that most players don’t get to enjoy, see what Long has to say about the homecoming dynamic. And while you’re at it, check out some of Long’s highlights from his days back at Loyola High School in Mid-city Los Angeles.

David Long highlights from his Loyola High School in L.A.

The Rams may have found value and immediate impact with nose tackle Greg Gaines I The Ringer

The Rams clearly see big things in their rookie nose tackle Greg Gaines. He is one of the few rookies who seems to have a clear path to immediate playing time on the Rams defense.