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2019 Los Angeles Rams NFL Draft profile: OT Bobby Evans

After diving into Bobby Evans’ play from both 2017 and 2018, Sosa believes he’ll bring plenty of versatility and depth to the Rams’ offensive line.

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After knocking down all second and previous third-round selections by the Los Angeles Rams in the 2019 NFL Draft, we finish with the last of the day one and day two selections in Oklahoma Sooners OT Bobby Evans.

Evans was at Oklahoma for four years (2015-2018) starting at both right tackle (2017) and left tackle (2018). His versatility and ability to switch sides over the course of one offseason was impressive, making it something of note for Run Game Coordinator/Offensive Line Coach Aaron Kromer.

Let’s take a look at the write-up:

Smart player who’s aware of stunts and rushers dropping in coverage. Able to pull as a lead blocker in running situations. Does a decent job using the leverage of defenders to turn them out and seal them off to create a running lane. Shows shades of ability to climb to the second level, reach linebackers, and seal them off. Gets good depth on certain pass sets, but generally only when there is no threat of an inside move from an edge defender. Has shown to be susceptible by allowing a defender to counter inside. Decent rotational strength. 2017 tape at right tackle was a lot better than 2018 at left tackle. Showed more power as a run blocker in 2017. Did a better job blocking speed rushers by getting depth quicker in his sets, though sometimes he abandoned all technique and turned and ran edge defenders up the arc. Looked stronger and much quicker in 2017. More punishing as a run blocker. Generally solid in mirroring pass rushers.

On this rep here in 2017, Evans is lined up at right tackle. Look at his ability to use a defenders’ rush against him. He allows the edge to speed rush around the arc and simply pushes him past his quarterback, allowing him to step up into the pocket and make a throw with a defined pocket for him to throw from:

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After watching Evans, I’m not entirely sure what the future holds for him. I know he showed better at right tackle than left tackle, but I don’t think he’s necessarily limited to either side. Maybe his best NFL position might end with a move inside to guard. He’s not a fantastic athlete, but he’s shown spurts of really solid play in the past. The situation he’ll be thrust into in L.A. is a solid one because he’s afforded the time to sit on the bench and learn under guys like LT Andrew Whitworth and Coach Kromer. Evans is likely to be the teams swing tackle as a rookie, though ideally he wont have to play at all in 2019. Regardless, his versatility, his competition in college, and his pedigree all afford him a chance to compete at four spots on the offensive line as a rookie, and potentially as a starter in 2020.

Here is Evans’ athletic profile via MockDraftable:

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