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Seattle Seahawks to trade DE Frank Clark to Kansas City Chiefs for multiple draft picks

A blockbuster trade could affect the Los Angeles Rams in the NFL Draft as the Seahawks add another first-round pick.

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NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

QB Jared Goff’s life just got a little bit easier as pass-rushing savant Frank Clark appears to be on the move to the Kansas City Chiefs. This trade has been rumored for days, but Ian Rapoport is reporting that it’s been agreed to by both teams.

In addition to the 21st pick that the Seattle Seahawks already have, this trade would give them Kansas City’s 29th overall pick, just two picks ahead of the Los Angeles Rams.

While the idea of the Seahawks having another opportunity to play spoiler to the Rams’ draft day plans, it is most likely good news for Rams fans to see Frank Clark leaving the NFC West.

This trade seems to be connected to the fallout of the Seattle Seahawks paying big-time money to QB Russell Wilson. This topic is especially relevant to the LA Rams as Jared Goff’s rookie contract comes to its conclusion in a couple of years.

For now, the good news is that the pass rush for the Seahawks just took a big hit as Frank Clark is nothing short of a superstar. In 2018, the 25 year-old Clark had a career year with 13 sacks.

And that means Jared Goff’s jersey has a much better chance of staying pristine during their two primetime games vs. the Seahawks this season.