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Turf Show Radio, S11E1: 2019 regular season schedule release

We’ve got the Rams’ 2019 regular season schedule. Time to break it down with 3k, Rob-o and Joey the Jerk.

(Apple news readers will either need to head to the show page or just check us out on iTunes)

2:05 - Welcome to Turf Show Radio, the podcast for olds.

3:45 - Rob buys books at 7-Eleven.

8:10 - Grilling vs. barbecueing. This is how wars start.

9:25 - The Los Angeles Rams2019 preseason schedule (yippee)

14:18 - Should the Rams play the Dallas Cowboys every year in the preseason?

18:30 - “This is the beginning of the end for Chapter 1 of LA Rams 2.0.”

22:25 - Over/under: 0.5 preseason snaps for WR Cooper Kupp in the 2019 preseason

24:15 -

24:44 - The Rams’ 2019 regular season schedule

31:10 - Is the Rams’ 2019 schedule as tough as their 2018 slate?

42:45 - Are the 2019 Chicago Bears the 2018 Rams?

48:30 - Week 15. The Rams and the Cowboys. Whew.

56:40 - Would Andy Dalton still be an NFL QB if his name were Dandy Alton? And what about Ak D’Prescott?

62:40 - Talking the new deal for Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson. What does it mean for Jared Goff?

66:25 - 3k took Texas A&M Aggies C Erik McCoy in the 2019 SB Nation writers mock draft.

Post-ending easter egg: