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The Los Angeles Rams’ 2019 NFL Draft hats are here and good God they are awful

The NFL has all the resources they need to create beautiful, wearable hats, yet,they choose to go the alternative route and make hats that suck.


Hats maketh the man.

It’s the ideology that can make or break an outfit. Imagine if Willy Wonka wore anything but a top hat? Then he’d just be some weirdo with a slave-driven empire and a taste for killing children for committing mild crimes. Charlie saw what happened to those children and he was willing to look past all of the misdeeds for an inheritance. That movie sucked. All versions of it but especially the Tim Burton version.

Anyway, the NFL released it’s 2019 Draft hats and it’s clear they didn’t abide by the Hats maketh man principle.

Like the Willy Wonka movies, these hats suck. The NFL is a multi-billion dollar empire. They have a lucrative partnership with NewEra. They actually made and continue to make good hats. Yet, more often then not they trot out steamy dog turds for hats for the NFL Draft.

Whenever the Draft comes around, the NFL usually goes overboard and rolls out draft hats I wouldn’t even use for ashtrays.

Especially this year’s class of hats, which you can scroll through here and here.

After looking through all the designs, the Rams hat is not the worst fashion offender.

Kansas City got screwed the worst, I believe. They gave the league the most entertaining quarterback to watch and the NFL rewarded them with a hat that has burnout streaks on it. Burnouts — the staple of Kansas City.