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Random Ramsdom 3/27: Los Angeles Rams X Al Bundy- or is that Jared Goff?

The Rams slang sneakers and ponder possible futures of key contributors

Fox Broadcasting Company, Twentieth Century Fox Television And FX Proudly Celebrate Their 2013 EMMY Nominees - Inside Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for FOX

Competition Committee acknowledged missed call against Cooks on Super Bowl 53 I USA Today

Had the news that pass interference calls and non-calls can be reviewed been dropped a few months ago, the Rams Super Bowl run could’ve been drastically changed. Thats right, the competition committee acknowledged that they missed one when Brandin Cooks was interfered with late in the game, and the Rams missed a chance to have the ball on the 1 in a first a goal situation. Oddly enough, Rams fans never took this missed call to congress.

Snead says Rams won’t be able to afford Ndamukong Suh I ESPN

The writing has been on the wall for a while, but Rams GM Les Snead has acknowledged that cap restraints will prevent the Rams from retaining the services of DL Ndamukong Suh. The Rams used Suh in a variety of ways, with Suh’s greatest impact taking place during the Rams playoff run that culminated in a Super Bowl loss despite a very strong defensive effort.

A Jared Goff extension is not necessarily in the Rams immediate future. I NBC Sports

The Rams continue to try to capitalize on the window of opportunity created by Jared Goff’s rookie deal. Though an extension seems likely, the Rams apparently aren’t rushing things on the front. Last season Goff continued to show improvement and was arguably the Rams offensive MVP, but also had a late season rough patch and seemed puzzled by the Patriots defense in the Super Bowl.

The Rams have interest in keeping Marcus Peters beyond next season I ESPN

Before emerging as a dominant group late in the season and through the postseason, the Rams defense had a mostly inconsistent regular season. When things went wrong, nobody received more heat that cornerback Marcus Peters. Through it all though, Peters actually played pretty well down stretch, partly aided by the return of the Rams other corner Aqib Talib. The Rams seem to think Peters showed enough in his turnaround to warrant a potential new deal at some point. We’ll see if that’s just talk or actually culminates in a deal.

The Los Angeles Rams and San Francisco 49ers may square of in China I Fansided

And you thought London was far? The Rams may end up being the opponent when the San Francisco 49ers host a game in China during the 2020 season. The Rams are no strangers to travel, having been regular participants in the international series for years, but China will rack them up some serious frequent flyer miles.

The Rams victory over the Kansas City Chiefs named the Moment Of The Year I Rams Official Site

Samson Ebukam was on hand at the LA Sports Awards to accept the “Moment Of The Year” award for the Rams memorable 54-51 victory of the Chiefs at the Coliseum back in November. Ebukam was a key contributor that night, scoring two defensive touchdowns.

Johnny Hekker and Jared Goff dawn Footlocker ref jerseys I USA Today

Johnny Hekker and Jared Goff teamed up to promote Nike Air Max 720s. The ad was had everything you’d want, short of an Al Bundy cameo.