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REPORT: Los Angeles Rams RB Todd Gurley has arthritis in his knee

The more weeks that pass, the more strange news that comes out about Todd Gurley’s knee.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

As if the news surrounding Los Angeles RB Todd Gurley hasn’t been strange enough, two more reports have been released in the recent days. First was the fact that the Rams and Gurley are considering using stem cell treatment to help aide his recovery (weird). The second report from The Athletic Boston’s Jeff Howe came today, and was even more strange and perplexing:

Now, not much is known outside of this as the Rams have been “hush hush” about the injury, as has Gurley and his camp. It’s evident that there’s more to the story that simply isn’t being released, but thus far, the rumor mill is whirling. Our own 3k has been up to date on the Gurley knee topic, mentioning the Rams lied about how severe the injury was during the deep playoff/Super Bowl 53 run.

The proof was in the pudding when late-season signee RB C.J. Anderson came forth and admitted Gurley was indeed more injured “than we thought”, though he eventually backtracked from those comments stating that he meant Gurley was more injured when he was signed, not late in the playoffs.

All this injury news has come to fruition after the Rams re-set the running back market by handing Gurley a 4-year $57.5m extension on his contract. It’s developed into quite the strange saga.

Buckle up, this is very likely not the last news we’ve heard from the development surrounding Todd Gurley’s knee.

UPDATE: Will Blackmon — a former NFL DB who also has arthritis— shares his thoughts on the situation: