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Random Ramsdom 3/19: Rams are a Free Agency Destination!

Mannion gets some competition and much more!

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NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars at Houston Texans Thomas B. Shea-USA TODAY Sports

Bortles reaches deal with Rams to back up Goff | ESPN

Looks like Mannion will have some competition this off-season.

Brandin Cooks was among league leaders on these 3 routes in 2018 | Rams Wire

If you couldn’t tell that Brandin Cooks was something special by watching the games last season, then I don’t know what football you were watching.

Fantasy football stats: Los Angeles Rams best of the last decade | PFF

It’s been two seasons and I don’t know about y’all but I’m still adjusting to the Rams being good.

Sean McVay has turned the Rams into a free-agent destination | Rams Wire

We started to see this last season with the big moves during Free Agency. This season, we may not be making as many flashy moves, but the fact that the Rams have been in the conversation shows that, for the forseable future, we’ll likely be able to have our pick of Free Agents going forward.

Former Rams linebacker Mark Barron finds new home with Steelers | Ramblin’ Fan

This off season feels like we’re just hemorrhaging people, but I gues it give McVay and Co. the chance to continue to build the team they want, not the team they inherited. Which, you know, should be scary for the rest of the NFL.

Eric Weddle’s selfless attitude fits perfectly with Rams: ‘I’m about my team’ | Rams Wire

With every passing day, Eric Weddle seems like more of a perfect fit for the Rams.