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PFF analytics show us what we already know: Brandin Cooks is an elite WR

We knew that Cooks was an outstanding WR, PFF shows us that he is elite - and versatile

Seattle Seahawks v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Harry How/Getty Images

Any reasonable NFL fan can recognize that Los Angeles Rams WR Brandin Cooks is a very, very talented player. It led many to question why the New Orleans Saints and New England Patriots traded Cooks in successive offseasons.

One mans trash is another’s treasure though, and the Rams jumped at the opportunity to acquire a player the caliber of Cooks. Sean McVay has been able to take Cooks’ talents and integrate them seamlessly into his offense to elevate his already remarkable production.

Some of these stats can be misleading as you need at least 10 targets with any one route to qualify, but Cooks placing in the top two of three different categories is astounding. It shows that he has the explosiveness to make plays downfield as well as the quickness to be effective in the screen game.

I was a bit surprised that WRs Robert Woods didn’t appear somewhere on this list, but with a little research it’s easy to see why. He’s simply all over the place. He doesn’t excel at any one thing, but he’s solid with everything that he runs.

It’s always nice to see Rams pop up in lists like this, because it shows the brilliance of head coach Sean McVay. Hopefully Woods and a healthy Cooper Kupp can make an appearance on this list in 2019.