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Former Los Angeles Rams ILB Mark Barron signs with Pittsburgh Steelers

The former Rams ILB signed a surprising deal in Pittsburgh to remain in a 3-4 scheme

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images

Per ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Former Los Angeles Rams ILB Mark Barron has agreed to terms with the Pittsburgh Steelers on a two year, $12M deal.

At $6M per year, it’s not a horrible deal for either side. Barron gets a chance to play a couple more years in a system friendly to linebackers while the Steelers get a veteran LB without a long-term commitment.

Barron was somewhat of an enigma during his tenure with the Rams. Fans expected more of him and he never seemed to be able to produce to the level expected of him. It’s easy to understand - the Rams signed him to a bloated contract and he simply never performed at the level he was being paid.

The value of that contract likely won’t net the Rams a substantial compensation pick, but it shows the value that an experienced, veteran player has in today’s free agent market.