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Thanks for a great season, TSTers

It was a hell of a ride. Get ready to saddle up again...

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Well, we’ve had a workweek to process it now. The 2018 Los Angeles Rams season is over.

What a hell of a ride.

For the first time in the history of the site going back to 2006, we went into the season with legitimate expectations to put together a postseason run. And credit to everyone involved from the players to the coaching staff and everyone around them, make a run they did.

So while we came up just short and we’ll just have to use that as a launching point into 2019, I just wanted to take some time today to thank everyone.

Thanks to you readers for coming to the site.

Thanks to the commenters for making that space so...lively.

Thanks to all of our followers on social media.

And a big thanks to the staff here. I don’t think most people recognize how much time and effort they spend not just into writing and social but really thinking through the process of what they want to say and why. That goes for all TST staffers past, present and future.

We’ll dial it up again soon with coverage on free agency, the 2019 NFL Draft and the offseason with everything that’s gonna go down over the next six months as we get ready to do this all over again.

But as we head into the first post-football weekend, I just wanted to say thanks to all yall for everything.