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A note from the Professor

Some perspective after Super Bowl LIII.

Super Bowl LIII - New England Patriots v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Dear Los Angeles Rams fans,

The disappointment all of us have over our team’s loss to the New England Patriots is real and painful. Not only did the Rams lose a winnable game, the offense, which was by far one of the best in the NFL, played terribly.

Beyond the criticism rightfully leveled at Head Coach, Sean McVay’s playcalling and poor performance by QB Jared Goff, we must put the loss in prospective.

First and foremost, our head coach is just 33-years old; our quarterback is 24. The pairing of these will go well beyond just this season, and each has learned from the experiences of the entire season, including the Super Bowl.

Second, the future is bright for the Rams. While there will be many changes to squad next year, especially on the defensive side of the ball, any team with DT Aaron Donald is a damn good starting point.

Third the organization has proven they’re committed to putting a winning product on the field. Consequently, I have confidence that players replacing current starters, who leave the squad, will be able to step right into the line-up. They might even be better.

When I look back over decades of Rams football, the loss we suffered in the Super Bowl is tempered with a sunny southern California outlook towards the future.

I am sure that next year, when the Rams reach Super Bowl LIV, they’ll win it!

It may be that for many Ram fans emotions are raw right now. That’s completely understandable. It’s not gonna make you feel any better that 30 other teams didn’t make the big game. But the reality is every other fan of teams that didn’t make the Super Bowl wishes they could be where the Rams were and are.

In two short years, the Rams turned around a pitiful 4-12 team to one in the Super Bowl, so try to imagine what its gonna look like when McVay is the same age as Bill Belichick or Wade Phillips.

If you think I’m not taking the loss hard enough, that’s simply not true. But having been watching Rams football since the late 1950’s, this is truly the first time, I’ve come away from a loss in the Super Bowl, knowing we’ll back there real soon. McVay said it best when he stated he got outcoached, plain and simple. He’ll learn from his mistakes and correct the errors.

I am extremely proud of the strides and accomplishments this 2018 Rams team made this season. Losing the Super Bowl is not the end of the world as seasons come and seasons go.

I will fondly remember our 2018 NFC Champions, but more memorable will be our team, poised and ready to be next year’s Super Bowl Champion.